We are moving to the digital, paperless and security world with UTC technology

We are gradually come into eBusiness and eGov era. Government and Enterprise 's CIO is looking for electronic signature/Seal solutions applied for their document and workflow system. Integration developers looking to add competitiveness to their Software system or ERP to enhance productivity… UTC's advanced e-Seal/e-sign Solution complements and provides for a world moving toward completing legally binding eTransactions and doing eBusiness/egov, in anywhere and at any time, at the speed of the Internet UTC will satisfy your requirements.

UTC as the leading and professional provider of e-Seal/e-sign Solution, leading business and government organizations, worldwide, has begun the transition to the paperless environment. UTC's providing the basis for significant expense reduction through document and OA (Office Automation) at a much higher level of security. The billions of signed/ chopped traditional paper documents created in today's global economy demand the most in user identification and document integrity. The inherent risks, mailing difficulties and huge financial costs associated with creating, storing, processing, retrieving and delivering paper records are driving the demand for legally binding and secure electronic signed and sealed documents.


The Central Hospital of Jiangmen Municipality have obtained great achievements in HIS (Hospital Information System) with UTC's E-seal System
UTC took part in the electric commercial conference
Court and procuratorate used UTC Eseal System
Hundreds of Chinese tobacco suppliers appreciated to E-seal
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